Google Business Profile Management

Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is the free Google-built mini website that contains information about your company. The profile shows up when someone searches for your company name. Keeping your Google Business Profile (GBP) up-to-date has become an essential part of your business’s Local SEO efforts.

What is Google Business Profile and why is it important?

The answer to both these questions lie in the simple statement that Google loves Google!


A company’s GBP is a mini-website created within Google to provide two important functions (important to Google anyway!):

  1. The profile provides the human searcher with a bunch of information about the company including a summary of their reviews
  2. It provides this information to the searcher without them having to leave the Google environment. 

The longer a searcher stays within the Google search page the more money Google makes from the ads that are shown there.

Google attempts to complete this information itself from material it collects and collates from its own indexing function. This information can often be incomplete, out of date and just plain wrong. Fortunately the GBP can be accessed by an authorized company representative which means that the info can be corrected and updated. It's also possible, and recommended, to add additional info to the profile including a list of services performed, hours of operation and updated blog-style posts.

How can an optimized Google Business Profile help my business?

Keeping your GBP up-to-date and optimized has become increasingly important to your company’s online presence. A completed GBP will be given more prominence than an incomplete one and one with updated posts will do even better. A business with a completed and optimized GBP can expect:

  • Increased exposure which leads to more calls and website visits
  • An advantage over your competitors with a less completed GBP
  • More reviews

Why can’t I manage my Google Business Profile myself?

You absolutely can! As long as you have plenty of time on your hands and you’re willing to stay abreast of the almost daily changes and tweaks that Google rolls out. Managing your GBP can become another full time job if you let it.

The service offered by Delta Strategic Marketing is designed to a) reduce your stress and b) give your time back.

What’s included in Delta Strategic Marketing’s GBP Management program?

We offer three tiers of service:
Tier 1 - Get reviews. Instead of you having to track down clients and pursue them for reviews we take care of that for you. We can connect to your internal tracking program and as soon as a job is completed we’ll contact the client on your behalf and follow up with them until they leave a review.
Tier 2 - Audit, Optimization and Monthly Management. We work within your GBP profile and bring it completely up to scratch and then going forward add posts & images and monitor & reply to all reviews.
Tier 3 - Tier 1 + Tier 2

As of December 2022 prices are as follows:
Tier 1 - $330/month
Tier 2 - $475/month
Tier 3 - $700/month

A 6 month minimum commitment is required - after the initial 6 months the contract becomes month-to-month and can be canceled at any time.

Local SEO plans from Delta Strategic Marketing are designed to help you get found when people are seraching for your products or services.

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