Social Media Management

Whether we want to accept if or not Social Media in its myriad forms is here to stay. Although we tend to think of it as a new phenomenon its now been around for more than 10 years – in fact LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and Facebook in 2004. Its where large numbers of people congregate, where they get recommendations and where they make their first impressions about companies, brands and products.

As small business people why should we be concerned with Social Media – surely its just for kids or for people with too much time on their hands? The reality is that Social Media attracts so many people (2+ billion Facebook users, 400 million on Instagram, 320 million on Twitter, etc.) that to ignore it is positively dangerous for small businesses. Companies of all sizes, from local “mom & pops” to multi-nationals, are using Social Media to drive business and there’s no reason that your business couldn’t use it too.

How can Delta Strategic Marketing help with Social Media Management?

If we can agree that small businesses SHOULD be using Social Media the question becomes why aren’t they?

The following are all statements that apply to the struggles that small businesses have with Social Media:

  • I want to be on Social Media but don’t have the time
  • I want to be on Social Media but don’t know where I should be putting my efforts
  • I want to be on Social Media but don’t know what to post or when I should be posting
If you’ve said any of these then a Social Media Management package from DSM can help.

What’s included in a Social Media Management package from Delta Strategic Marketing?

Here’s what’s included in a DSM Social Media Management package:

  • A complete 12 month Social Media plan that includes market research specific to your company and your competition, a publishing calendar, topics,
    educational opportunities & post strategies!
  • Implementation of the plan: Individualized social media posts implemented on your behalf at the schedule determined by the plan!
  • (Bonus) Monthly site backup and security scan!

A 12-month Social Media Management plan from DSM answers these questions:

  1. When and where should I focus my time?
  2. What do I say?
  3. How do I grow my exposure?
  4. What days & times are best for my business to communicate on social media?

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