Good SEO advice for small businesses (and probably everybody else too)

SEO (search engine optimization) is such a tricky subject to discuss with small business owners. The main reason is that their eyes glaze over within a couple of minutes and by 4 minutes or so, they’re probably snoring! They know they should be thinking about it but with everything else they do – well let’s say it’s just not a priority.

Sometimes I think it works best if you can give them a short, sharp snippet of advice, which you can hopefully build on later.

Here’s a great page full of short, sharp snippets from!
What is the single best piece of SEO advice?

There are two I like better than the rest:

Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder, SEOmoz

Create a site, service, product or hook that has a natural, viral feedback component accessible to search engines (via links, embeds, badges, incentives to share, etc). Make it repeatable and compelling.


Matt McGee, Started doing SEO around 1999/2000

Focus on creating trust through everything you do online and offline.

You have two audiences: search engines and humans. The former (let’s just say “Google”) wants to show web pages that it trusts will provide a good experience to the searcher — pages that will answer their query. When you look at a page of search results, you’re looking at what Google thinks are the most trusted pages to answer the search.

If SEO makes your eyes glaze over but you know you should be paying attention to it, call someone to help. Call me!

Posted by John Tully
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