Inexpensive method to promote your small business

This is an internet driven world but every now and again you need to get out from behind your desk and get out there and *gasp* meet people! One way to meet a bunch of people at the same time is to exhibit at a trade show or networking event that allows vendor tables.

If you’ve ever attended on of these events you know it can be difficult to distinguish one vendor from the next when everyone has the same standard issue table (blue tablecloth) and backdrop.

So you want to stand out but fully finished pop-up backdrops can be expensive – $2000 and up. Add that to the cost of renting the booth space and it can make it too prohibitively to exhibit. Here’s how a couple of my clients got around this dilemma.

Native Fields Landscaping were attending their first trade show and didn’t want to break the bank. They worked with dsm-llc and came up with an innovative trade show display that cost them less than $1000 for everything. They made a backdrop from 3 roll-up banners and had a customized tablecloth printed. Very effective! To increase foot traffic to the booth they utilized a life size image of one of their lawnmowers with the head cut-out so attendees could get their photo taken as if riding the mower!

native fields landscaping trade show booth

Solutions Fitness of Florham Park were attending a corporate health fair and needed something to distinguish them from their potential competitors. They only had a small space available to them and choose a simple but effective roll-up banner and tablecloth combo to get their message across. Total cost? Less than $350!

Solution Fitness banner and tablecloth

Need to make a splash at your next event but can’t afford the whole swimming pool? Please talk to me at dsm-llc and we’ll create a low-cost solution just for you.

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