2015 Small Business survey results

I sent out a survey to my small business clients and prospects last month. Here are the results:


Q1 – What’s your goal for your business in 2015?

Perhaps not surprisingly the overwhelming answer was a variation on increasing sales/business. 81% of you gave this as your primary goal. The other respondents had a variety of goals from better branding to refocusing efforts to help stay on target. No one said they didn’t have a goal.


Q2 – What areas are your most challenging?

The answers here were more varied, although various themes came through over and over. The most popular answers were:

  • Lead generation 12.5%
  • Blogging/writing 12.5%
  • Hiring good help 15.5%
  • Balancing and time management 22%

Other answers included: Focusing, getting past the gatekeeper, handling paperwork, bringing outsourced contracted service back in house


Q3 – How do you plan on combating this challenge?

As expected answers were varied:

  • Training/taking classes 35.5%
  • Hiring help 38.5%
  • Networking 55%
  • Accountability group 16%
  • Other 32.2%

Other included: being more organized, internet optimization/improving website, teaching a CE course


Q4 – Is one of your goals to increase your online exposure?

For 87% of you the answer was either “yes” or “maybe”:

  • Yes 56%
  • No 12.5%
  • Maybe 31%


Q5 – If you answered yes to #4 how do you plan on accomplishing this?

Again the answers were varied but certain themes repeated:

  • Revamping website 13%
  • Adopting or improving social media 22%
  • Blogging or moving to content marketing 26%

Other answers included: using a PR firm, trying online advertising, monthly email newsletters


Q6 – How old is your website?

  • Less than 6 months old 16%
  • 6-18 months old 34.5%
  • Over 18 months old 47%
  • Don’t have a website 3%

For those without a website I’d say “STOP – don’t pass go, do not collect $200” until you get a website up and running.

For those with sites over 6 months old (81%) and especially over 18 months old (47%) you are probably missing out on the mobile revolution – websites that are not mobile responsive are not going to get the same level of traffic as those that are.

For those less than 6 months old you should check to make sure its mobile responsive.

How do you stack up against these results? Let me know in the comments below.