Frequently asked questions – How quickly can you build my new website?

Invariably this is the no. 2 question I get asked by prospective small business website clients (No. 1 is How much will my new website cost?). Just like “How much will my new website cost?” there’s no easy or quick answer to this question. I’ve had sites that we’re completed within a couple of weeks, others have taken months and yet others have taken so long I wonder if they’ll ever actually get finished (the record today is one site that’s no be in development for 18 months!).

how quickly can i get my website

I tell people that the actually coding time – if I could do it straight through without interruption, would only be a couple of days. But it never takes a couple of days because there’s always so much interaction with the client and, frankly, a whole bunch of waiting around;

  • Waiting for client payment
  • Waiting for client to approve design
  • Waiting for client to provide content
  • Waiting for client to answer emails or phone calls, etc.
  • Vacations, holidays, etc.

The time to complete an average sized website should never exceed 2-3 months although it often does extend out past that.

Do you have a website that’s just been hanging around without being completed? Need help with getting it moved back onto the front burner? Give us a call today at 973-234-5623 and let’s discuss exactly where you are in the process and what’s holding you up.

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