Hard to believe but apparently true!

Here’s a link to a story from the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch – Half of state’s (Ohio) small businesses absent from Internet

Two interesting nuggets from this article:

  • According to Google 97% of Americans research online for local services and products.
  • (Obviously) 50% of Ohio’s small businesses have no internet presence.

As asked in the story “Crazy, isn’t it?” and yet it’s totally believable based on my discussions with small business owners in Northern New Jersey. The prevailing thought amongst those small businesses that don’t have a website is that all this furor doesn’t really apply to them – they’re doing alright so why should they bother? Either that or they know that they need to do something but just…can’t… seem…to…do…anything about it. My guess is that they probably wouldn’t believe this either:

The study found that the median annual revenue at Ohio businesses that don’t have broadband is $300,000, while the median annual revenue at Ohio businesses connected to broadband and with a website is $800,000.

I wonder what a similar study in NJ would find? Let me have your thoughts.

Posted by John Tully
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