R U Tech Savvy?

r u tech savvy?Tech savvy?. Are you or aren’t you? Does it make a difference?

As part of my regular weekly schedule I normally have a couple of one-on-one meetings with network contacts. Some are arranged through my Chamber of Commerce, some via my LeTip group, others via other networking groups that I belong to.

Yesterday I had occasion to meet with two people, almost right after each other.

First was a realtor. He’s having a tough time in this economy but has been in the business long enough to keep his head above water. He has a website that he never looks at and never updates. He has a Facebook account that he doesn’t access very often and he doesn’t have a Facebook business page.

Second was a sales and marketing rep for a video production company. She has an IT background and social media is part of her daily routine. She can converse about servers and YouTube and Google AdWords as well as her products.

After the meetings I sat back and wondered which one of these two people would even still be around doing their thing in 5 years. There’s time for the realtor to get his act together and there’s no guarantee that the video production industry will continue its upward swing. But really – I know who I would bet on!

Not everyone is going to have the resources to become a super-techie and I truly believe that there are some professions where it would be better if they weren’t (brain surgeon comes to mind!) but the opportunities exist to hire people that are tech savvy to get you house in order now. I’ve got a feeling that getting started in 5 years is probably going to be too late.

Posted by John Tully
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