Home office or small office?

When I started my own company it was never my intention to work from home forever. I always imagined I’d eventually move into an office of some sort or another, so I’d really get the experience of “going to work”. However the longer I worked from home, the more I enjoyed it and the further away it seemed that I would ever move to an actual office.

Star Trek RobeHere are my top 4 “pros” of working from home:

  1. You can’t beat the commute. I can be at my desk 30 seconds after stumbling out of bed if I have a pressing need to do so.
  2. I can work in pajamas if I want. I’m actually writing this while wearing my Star Trek robe.
  3. I can work out and do my daily stretches right by my desk. I can get up and move around when I want without worrying about upsetting anyone else’s routine.
  4. It’s cheap and has definite tax advantages. Although I tapping into my home’s utilities which theoretically should add to my household costs the increases appear minimal and you get to write off a certain amount against your taxes.

But, there are “cons” – here are a few:

  1. Missing human contact and water cooler time. I spend a lot of time talking to the dog and while she doesn’t talk back she isn’t very constructive either. Sometimes you just need to say “hi” and shoot the breeze for a while.
  2. I can work in my pajamas if I want. Yes, it’s also a pro but I do wonder whether my work suffers if I’m not in “professional” mode all the time.
  3. Distractions. If the dog barks when I’m on the phone that’s both distracting and awkward. Honey-do items are both distracting and time consuming – yes, I know I could unclog the toilet but I am supposed to be working!

Need a solution to this? I’d recommend that you explore either a shared office or co-working option.

My friend Jeff Jones operates an “executive office” service that gives you your own small office within a bigger office environment with shared services and costs. Interaction between the office dwellers is both encouraged and enhanced by the environment that Jeff creates. American Office Centers.

I’ve just got involved with a new co-working and collaboration venture called C3 Workplace (the other C is for community). Almost modeled on a Starbucks but without the baristas and other distractions, essentially you work in a big room with other liked minded people. Other facilities available include a kitchen, conference rooms and private offices. Fees are by the hour, day, week or month allowing for maximum flexibility. C3 Workplace.

Let me know if you work from home or from a small office and how it works for you.

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