Content marketing and small business – making it work

I attended a fantastic Morris Tech Meetup event last night. It was held at the Wine Library in Springfield, NJ and the owner of the Wine Library, Gary Vaynerchuk was our keynote speaker. If you’ve heard of him then you won’t be surprised to hear that he rocked! If you haven’t heard of him you might have heard of the Wine Library which he built from a $3M mom & pop liquor store to a $60M enterprise with 50% of his business coming via his website.

Gary’s moved big time into the world of social media marketing and his company Vaynermedia is one of the fastest growing agencies in the country. he now advises some very big names on their marketing strategies. He’s clearly someone to listen to.

Content is the gateway drug to engagement.

He was asked if he were to start his Wine Library website again today how he would do it. His answer was very telling – instead of just concentrating on the products and traditional promotion he would:

  1. Make it “content heavy”
  2. Concentrate on building links from Pinterest
  3. Use the bulk of his marketing budget on Facebook ads

He went on to put even more emphasis on content:

“Every business should become a media company and produce content for others to enjoy. Become the authority on your business/market and blog/tweet about it regularly. This will build a customer base and pay dividends over time. Content is the gateway drug to engagement. If you give people enough content, they will be “guilted” into giving you business in return.”

That’s every business – including your small business!

But how do small businesses do “content” when they have 10,000 other things to do?

We all tend to do things when we put them on a calendar – so if there were a way to get hold of a whole calendar of content suggestions that would probably make it easier, right?

dsm-llc is offering such an item – a 12 month communication plan that includes titles, keywords, posting dates and much more. Check out our communication plans here. We can also help with plan implementation including blog posting and e-mail marketing. Call me at 973-234-5623 or complete the contact form today.

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