Morris County Business Directory

business directoryI decided that yesterday was a good day to sort through my stack of business cards. Since I joined the Morris County Chamber of Commerce 18 months ago I’ve met an awful lot of people and collected a whole bunch of business cards. Some people have become good friends, others have become colleagues within other networking groups, some have become suppliers and a few have become clients!

Business cards are great – but they are very static once they get put into a file or rolodex. I wondered how could I make them more dynamic, how could I make them more useful as a reference to all the other people I’d met?

I came up with the concept of starting a business directory based around the cards I had collected. I’ve created a business directory page on my website and will update it regularly as I collect cards from new contacts and with their permission I’ll include a link to their website. I plan this to be a free service for my contacts and I’m not expecting anything in return other than the occasional referral or link.

If you’d like to be included in the directory just let me know by completing the contact form.

Posted by John Tully
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