Oh – my aching back!

Sorry but I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while. I didn’t actually “go” anywhere – I just wasn’t “here”!

Back painMy back went out!

You’ve probably heard that a million times from friends and family – maybe you suffer from a bad back too (it’s estimated that 80% of Americans are affected at some time in their lives). I’ve had back problems for 20+ years but this was the first time as a self-employed small business owner.

When you can’t do something as a self employed person who takes care of it? Who takes care of driving a car to sales calls and client visits?  Who’s going to sit at your computer and bang out all those brochures and websites that you are supposed to be doing when you can’t sit down? Unfortunately the answer is – no one! I’ve never felt more hopeless or useless!!

I jerry-rigged a temporary command post with an old laptop and an ironing board (!) so I could at least attempt some work while standing up. But if you’ve ever tried to work after having a couple of cocktails, I can tell you it’s much harder when you are full of assorted pharmaceuticals! Thank God for drug companies! To say I was unproductive is being very kind – I was a wreck and didn’t feel much like blogging or just about anything else either.

I’m coming down off the pills and my back is getting better so look out for more frequent postings in the near future. Let me have your back ache stories below – I have room for all of you in my pity party!

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