Roundup of recently completed small business websites

One fantastic bonus of my business is that I get to help my clients grow their business by helping them with their online presence. So here’s a quick roundup of some client sites that have gone live recently – I invite you to check them out.


Football 21

Are you a fan of Football? (Yes – I mean the American brand although how they came up with “football” I’ll never know…). Have you played horseshoes or cornhole or any other tailgating game? What if there were a way to combine Football with a tailgating game? Well Chris Rosa invited a brand new game that does just that – say hello to Football 21!myfootball21-com-400px

Over the last couple of months the game has really taken off with multiple sports bars in Northern New Jersey now running Football 21 leagues and the game being featured on WFAN in NYC.

Check out the site and put one on your wish list for the holidays!


I.C.E. Transport

If you’ve ever wondered how something built in Europe or Asia makes its way to a store at your local mall – chances are that it was shipped into the US in a container. We’re familiar with container trucks on the road and we might have seen photos of container ships but who coordinates all that stuff. A company like I.C.E. Transport, that’s who!icetransport-com-400px

I.C.E. Transport Co., Inc. is a family-owned, New Jersey based transportation company specializing in the transport of commercial cargo and personal effects. They help clients across North America and around the World. Whether you’re looking to import something from somewhere else in the world or you want to send some personal effects out of the US you should check out the I.C.E. Transport website and speak to their experts today.


Police Hiring Process

I love meeting my clients and finding out about their backgrounds – they are so varied and interesting, it always amazes me how people get to where they are today. With a company called Police Career Advancement and and new website called Inside the Police Hiring Process it should come as no surprise that company founder, Jim Spahr was a cop before becoming an entrepreneur.  policehiringprocess-com-400px

Jim’s taking his 30 years of experience in hiring recruits to various branches of law enforcement and passing on that experience to today’s potential recruits through his educational seminars. Click on the video to find out more or click through to the Police Hiring Process website for the complete story.

For more details on any of these sites or if you’d like to discuss getting a website of your own please give me a call at 973-234-5623.

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