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To the cloud!

Here’s more on the cloud (my first on this was Hey you get off my cloud!) and how confusing the picture is as far as small business is concerned, “No Wonder Small Businesses Are Confused About the Cloud” from PC World. Here’s an excerpt:

The sad fact is, cloud providers are not doing a very good job of educating small businesses about what the cloud is, and more importantly, why they should care.

It starts with the very definition. As “the cloud” has become the buzz phrase of the industry, more and more companies have sought to brand themselves in cloud terms. Provide a Web service or software-as-a-service (Saas)? That’s cloud. Outsourced IT infrastructure? That’s cloud. Hosting services? Cloud. Internet-connected applications? Cloud. Thin client computers or other end-user computing devices that connect to the Internet? Cloud.

And it gets worse when the ads get involved. Particularly, Microsoft’s “To the Cloud” ad campaigns muddy the water. Watch a few of them, and you come away with the idea that the cloud will let you watch your favorite TV show over the Internet while you’re stuck at the airport, or share a photo you’ve just doctored with your friends. “Yay, cloud!”

Why you should be blogging

A couple of weeks ago I gave you 5 reasons why you should be blogging as a small business person. Here’s another 5 reasons: “5 reasons blogging rocks for small business”. Alright, some are pretty close to mine but they are very well detailed by the author. Here’s an excerpt:

Food for social media

Share your blog content to maximize exposure and boost your brand. Blogs posts that are interesting and offer valuable information are perfect to use for your social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn… a blog gives you stuff to say and share. Don’t forget to include social media share buttons on all your blog posts, so that your readers can help you out by sharing your content.

Image: nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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