Small businesses and their web presence

I read an interesting post the other day titled “Guide to Building a Small Business Site With WordPress Pt. 1” which included a sub-section “6 most common reasons for building a small business website”.

The six reasons given were:

  • I simply need my address and phone number online so people can find my business
  • Everybody says I need a web presence
  • I want my business to look more professional
  • I want to be number one on Google and Yahoo
  • My competitor has one
  • I want to sell online

On the face of it all are reasonable and seem to reflect the needs and desires of sales managers everywhere. And of course they all miss the point of why the web became important in the first place – as an arena for disseminating information out to the people most important to the survival of any small business – your customers and potential customers! This information can take many forms; articles, technical details, charts, diagrams, software, etc. Collectively this is known as “Content”.

The brutal truth is that without content that your potential clients find relevant and interesting nobody will visit your site. And conversely if site contains fantastic content but looks like the dog’s dinner you’ll probably get higher rankings and more interest than all those flashy low/no content sites out there.

Having a “nice” looking site is important if only to confirm your good taste, but make no mistake you’ll need content to make it all “happen”.

Large businesses can afford to employ people who manage the content for their entire web empire – small businesses typically can’t. Creating content takes time (and money) and people are generally too busy to handle that task themselves. That’s where a company like dsm-llc comes into its own – we can create and manage your content, making it relevant to your clients and keeping it updated.

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John Tully

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