Social Media Mania!

social media mania“Social Media Mania” was the title of an article I read over the weekend in a publication from one of my local chambers of commerce. I understand the importance of teasers – getting people to read the article by suggesting that there’s something shocking/interesting/important in the article that they NEED to read.

I wonder though, that in this case this particular teaser only adds to the concept that somehow Social Media is a) difficult, b) a little crazy (manic!) and c) probably not for small business people.

The article was in fact mostly positive and contained 3 or 4 glowing endorsements from small business social media proponents. But if you didn’t read the article perhaps the only opinion that you’d get was the opposite.

This was followed today by an on-line article “Are Small Businesses Apathetic About Social Media?Again the article points out the opposite is actually true with over half of those surveyed saying that they DID use social media for business purposes. 50% doesn’t reflect apathy to me!

If you are a small business owner don’t be put off by the teasers! The reality is that social media can, and does, work for small business owners everyday!

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