The QR codes are coming, the QR codes are coming!

Statistics abound when wonks talk about QR (Quick Recognition) codes:

I think most observers can agree that QR codes are going to be an “item of interest” in the coming months and years

One downside to using them from a marketing perspective is that they are just so damned ugly! Who wants to give up valuable real estate on a marketing piece to a horrible black square full of squiggles?

Regular QR code
Ugly (but functional) QR code

dsm-llc is introducing a compromise between the functionality of a standard QR code and a branded marketing piece – customized, colorized QR codes that can incorporate a logo or brand or message directly into the code!

Customized QR code
Pretty and functional QR code!

See some more examples are our QR codes web page and start your imagination motors to come up with ideas to make these “works of art” work for you!

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