Frequently asked questions – do I need a new website or can I rebuild my existing site?

When I started my business building websites from scratch was a big part of my income. Now I’m picking up a lot more business in rebuilding/revamping existing websites. Clients don’t necessarily need a completely new website but would like to have the site tweaked to take advantage of some modern innovations.

Build websites from scratch

Back in 2010 I’d start with a blank page within Dreamweaver and build the code for each page for the site. Some of those early sites are still up and running but over time they’ve been replaced by websites built with WordPress. WordPress made my job easier because it took care of a lot of the site structure issues and didn’t require me to be so code-intensive.

In my early days with WP building a site still meant that for a project to be cost-effective, for both me and the client, it was still a “start-from-scratch” proposition – rebuilding the site just took too long to make it worthwhile.

Modern technology has reduced time for rebuilding

Today things have changed and generally for the better. Themes have become much more flexible and modularized page-builder software has enabled on-page editing to a degree not possible in the past. The modules take care of all the underlying code allowing me to concentrate on the content. This allows for site rebuilds to be completed faster than previously possible, bringing the cost down to where rebuilding is an option for some clients.

Rebuild website or start from scratch with new website?

Is rebuilding an option for your situation or does building from scratch make more sense? Here’s an easy to follow guide:

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