We just sold our first customized QR code!

Big thanks go out to Jeff and Lisa of AmeriSource Realty Network for being the first client to pony up for their own customized QR code. And, at the risk of sounding immodest, their QR code is awesome!

Customized QR code for AmeriSource Realty
Customized QR code for AmeriSource Realty

Michael Coombes the creative brains behind these codes thought long and hard about how to incorporate the concept of Office Space into QR code. What he came up is little short of genius – he built “office space” directly into the code! It might not be so obvious from the thumbnail but take a look at the full-sized version here and check out the detail – it’s truly amazing!

Would you like to be the first kid on your block with your own customized QR code? Contact me today and let’s elevate your coolness factor to new heights!

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