E-mail addresses and what they say about you – redux.

some e-mail addressesI first wrote about this topic in May of this year (seems so much longer ago then that!) and I still include a segment in my Internet Basics Seminar. The examples I use are:

Who would you give your business to?

The wonderful Tammy Hawk-Bridges has an interesting take on this in her recent blog post “Are You Internet Homeless?” Here’s her example:

So when I see [email protected] I am a tad skeptical. That is sort of like me writing down my home address as The Park Bench On The Left. . Well maybe that is a tad dramatic and not everyone will look at it that way – but a lot of people do.

Tammy goes on to reinforce the fact that in this day & age there’s no reason not to have your own branded e-mail address even if it just links to your Facebook page and not to an actual website.

As I said in May “If you need help with something like this ask someone – hey ask me!”

Posted by John Tully
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