Blogging works!

Here’s a link to a great article “10 biggest social media myths exposed” by David Jackson.

There are a couple of great lines within the article that are worth repeating;

Myth #5: Social Media Can Replace Your Website

Reality: Sorry to burst your bubble, but websites aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity.

Myth #6: Blogging Doesn’t Work

Reality: Blogging works, but just like any marketing tool, it has to be properly executed.

Here’s my “blogging works” story.

As readers of this blog will know I attended the North Jersey Biz Expo last week. It’s organized by seven regional chambers of commerce. Almost the first person to the booth as the expo opened was a potential client for my services – he told me that he found out about the expo from my blog! At first I thought he was joking but he relayed that when he searched for “North Jersey Biz Expo”, the first result on the search results page was for my blog, not any of the “official” sites promoting the expo.

Whether I can turn this to business will yet to be seen but its pretty clear to me (and David Jackson) that Blogging Works!

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