Top five dsm-llc Small Business blog posts from the last year

These are the five posts from my Small Business blog that got the most social activity over the course of the last year according to Buzzsumo:

In fifth place: Every small business needs a website – or do they?

The story of two seemingly competing headlines that turned out to be the same article!

#4: Ch-ch-changes. Business lessons learned from Rock ‘n Roll

The more things change the more they stay the same? Especially in rock n roll where bands can play the same songs they’ve been playing for 30+ years. But even rockers know you have to change to survive.

Trois: Social Media Unscrambled

Reporting on my first live internet radio show with Chris Curran & David Deutsch

Dos: Social Media & Networking. Different worlds right? Not so fast.

Comparing social media (Jab, jab, jab – Right hook) and networking (Give, give, give – Get). They would seem on the face of it to be very different but scratch beneath the surface and it’s clear that they are actually very similar and use many of the same principles.

And topping the charts at #1: The hierarchy of things – First things first for small business

Since I wrote this in May, 2014 it’s become clearer and clearer to me that this is EVERYTHING with regards to small business marketing success. I now use it as the basis of a brand new seminar – 3 Steps to Engage Your Clients and Grow Your Business. The first step? Know what it is you do – not what you think you do, but what you actually do!

Let me know your favorite blog post from the last year in the comments below.

Posted by John Tully

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