Making time for marketing

Marketing calendarIn a recent article I read the author explained that while most small businesses accept the need for “doing marketing” most do NOT in fact put money into their budget for marketing costs. In my opinion, what’s even worse is they don’t allocate any time to marketing in their calendars.

Guess what happens? Nothing, of course. When I say nothing I mean that “nothing” exciting happens with regards to attracting new clients and probably “nothing” adversely affecting their business – business as usual just no growth.

My biggest obstacle when working with my small business clients is that when they get busy with the 101 other things they need to do to run their business, marketing gets assigned to 102nd position which means it gets pretty much ignored. I have a really tough time explaining that the time to market is “always” and if it’s left to when you are not busy – then it might be too late.

If I want to fit in a visit to a client or a meeting or even to the gym I schedule it into my calendar blocking out the time. I’d strongly recommend you do the same for your marketing efforts – an hour or two every week scheduled in advance will make all the difference. See also “If you don’t have time for marketing” and “Keep the marketing train on track

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