Why your small business really needs a website. Now!

We all know a small business that has been around for years and are locally successful without ever really “breaking out”. Chances are they don’t have a website because they don’t see the benefit of it. Or if they do, its one that’s barely functioning.

Here’s a recent Facebook post from @thawkbridges of socialheavy.net

My son just said he didn’t trust a company that I know is a good company. I asked him what he was talking about. He said their website looks like crap, if they can’t afford a decent website they are “shadey” to me. LOL there you have it ladies and gentleman from a Y generation perspective.

There’s plenty to discuss here but the main takeaway is that there’s a new generation coming through that just don’t trust companies that don’t have professional looking websites. The reality is that you only have limited time without a website before being consigned to the history books!

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