My 300 second elevator speech

I was recently admonished for not having a canned 30 second elevator speech ready. “Everybody needs a 30 second speech”, I was told. “But I do too much stuff to fit into just 30 seconds”, I replied!

30-to-300So – unilaterally I decided to forgo the 30 second speech in favor of a 300 second one.

This is what I do on a daily basis:

  • I prepare printed marketing materials; brochures, sell sheets, flyers, business cards, etc. From concept through layout to prepress to printing.
  • I provide web based solutions; web site design, SEO expertise, blog management, social media assistance.
  • I manage and plan trade shows; booth design, services management, pre- & post-show publicity, matching marketing collateral.

Between these three major tasks I also:

  • Create and manage e-mail newsletter campaigns
  • Do product photography and illustration
  • Perform technical writing & copy writing tasks for my clients.

Now – how was I ever going to fit that into 30 seconds? I bet you’re the same – how many things do you “do” on a daily basis?

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