Social media marketing made easy.

Social media marketing made simpleThis was the title of the seminar I attended this morning at the Morris County Chamber of Commerce, presented by the effervescent Wendi Caplan-Carroll (@wendicc) of Constant Contact.

Readers of this blog may know that I’m a Constant Contact Business Partner and part of their Expert Program but this was my first time sitting in the audience watching this presentation. Wendi was engaging and energized and answered questions across a full spectrum of expertise from the audience.

It was clear to me that although most people in the room had embraced some form of social media (just about everyone had some Facebook connection) there was a disconnect between that level of interaction and how to bring it all together for a small business. As I’ve mentioned in the past small business people can get overwhelmed with web related topics (web sites, blogs, social media, et al) and either do something crazy or do nothing at all. The seminar did a great job of pulling together all the various strands of small business social media outlets and sought to bring them together into a manageable package.

I am planning to run this same seminar for my small business clients later in the year. In the meantime if you need further information please contact me.

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