Reflecting on my small business growth

Someone asked me yesterday when I started my business. “2009”, I replied – mainly because that’s when I did start my business!

“Wow – that was a tough time to start a business”, he replied. And I guess it was, coming in the middle of “the great recession”, but looking back I never really thought of it that way. It was time to try something new and I figured that there was never a “good” time to do that.

I’ve been incredibly lucky with building my business year-over-year but what’s more encouraging than just building the business is the acceleration of growth I’m seeing. I’ve just issued my 300th invoice and I analyzed the history of those invoices.

  • To issue the first hundred invoices took 30 months
  • The second hundred took 16 months
  • And, the last hundred took only 11 months!

That looks like this:

Invoicing trend
This has NOTHING to do with Stonehenge but I thought it would make a cool background!

Obviously I’m hoping that the trend continues, at least for the next couple of years until I’m definitely in a position to expand my operation and bring in some support staff. If you have your own growth story please talk about it below.

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