SEO check up for your small business

Thanks to Sally Ormond for this tip – “Simple SEO Checks Any Small Business Can Make” 

In a nutshell Sally gives every small business owners 5 tasks that they can do themselves to ensure that their website is doing the best it can for their business. Here’s an excerpt:

“Take a look at your website – this one is especially pertinent for all owners of custom built websites. For many business owners the ‘look’ of their website is at the top of their list. It’s the part of the process that takes the biggest budget because they want theirs to be prettier than anyone else’s.

The problem with custom builds is that, sometimes, looks are at the expense of SEO, especially if you’ve been seduced by flash. Yes, it looks lovely but unless you’ve got some magic going on in the background coding it’s not going to help your search engine optimization one jot.”


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