Feedback from recent presentation

I do quite a bit of public speaking on internet related topics for small businesses. Some are attended by a couple of people who seem as though they’ve just stumbled into the wrong room. Others are well organized and well attended and, it seems, appreciated by the attendees.


Here are some, completely unsolicited, feedback/comments from a session I did recently for SCORE / Rutgers Business School and their Entrepreneurial MBA program:

“I definitely learned a lot about websites and the necessity of having one in order to get out there and advertise your company. I liked that he explained the cost of on-line advertising and content. This guest speaker knew what he was talking about.  He really put into focus the role of a website for a small business.”

“I learned a great deal from this presentation.  Very valuable for business owners and their advisors.”

“John Tully has a lot of experience working with small businesses. It was good to hear various tips/tricks when designing a website for small business, and to make sure they are being considered by someone you hire to design your website.”

“John Tully was very informative and a good speaker. I appreciated his anecdotes and enjoyed his presentation. I also liked the idea that he runs a small business that helps other small businesses create web sites.  He definitely knows a lot about how to create a site that works for each type of business.  I have an idea for a workshop that John Tully could offer at Rutgers Business School. .  This would be an interactive case study.  The students would select a small business idea and we could then walk through the steps of creating a website for that business.”

“Good lecture. Very helpful.  For example I learned that to attract potential customers, you need to constantly refresh the content of your web site”

“Mr. Tully was very informative and knowledgeable about websites.  I found it very helpful that he gave practical advice and showed examples of common mistakes. Financing the creation and maintenance of a good website has become an “essential” for most small businesses.”

“John shared some very good knowledge with us.  Recommend inviting him back next year.”

“John is very knowledgeable about website design and how to launch a small business and build a website around it. He knows all about hosting, domains, advertising and design and content fundamentals. Anyone involved in starting a new business would benefit from John’s experience and technical knowledge.”

“Very easy to follow.  A clear and engaging speaker. His explanations are clear and much appreciated.  He has real life experience and understands the needs of his client’s customers. Would recommend this speaker to anyone interested in web site development for a small business.”

“Very motivational and a good introduction to website creation. Good information for anyone interested in starting a website for a small business.”

“Great information on internet marketing and how to make an effective website.  Great lecture for anyone who wants to start a small business.”

“Very informative. Speaker was very good and provided good insight.  For example, a typical small business should budget a minimum of $500 per month for internet advertising.”

“Great speaker and presentation.  Did a good job outlining what is needed for a good website and why.  Prefect presentation for anyone looking to start a business!”

“Very good. Engaging presentation and useful information. Works at keeping himself up to date.  For example he is taking one of the entrepreneur classes at Rutgers Business School.  John should be asked present every semester.”

“Very informative speaker. Practical, useful information. I learned a lot. Thank you for speaking to our class.”

“I loved this presentation.  You were very informative and engaging.  I would have liked to also see some of the websites you helped your clients create.”

“Good information to know. For example you should get your company up and running before worrying about the internet. Thank you for coming to speak to us.”

“John shed light on a lot of things I had not considered with internet searches.  It really is a science and the potential of your business is at stake. He did a good job breaking down the elements of a website and the “life cycle” of a website. It would be interesting to explore the spectrum of how much it costs to create different types of websites and what kind of ROI you can expect from advertising on search engines.”

“Thank you!  Good lecture.  I learned a great deal of important new information.”

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