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I work from home. I make sales calls and attend various networking events but I’m at home a lot. I LOVE my commute (30 seconds if there’s traffic on the stairs). I hang around in my pj’s for hours if I don’t have meetings scheduled. I talk to the dog a whole bunch! I miss contact with adult humans.

I should say I “missed” contact with adult humans.

Since I joined LeTip of Denville back in the summer I get up bright and early every Thursday morning to have a 7am breakfast with a diverse and interesting group of people. They’ve quickly become my friends, my mentors, my clients and my weekly dose of (in)sanity!

I’m the marketing person for the group and act as their webmaster. You can check out the revamped website here.

If you’d like to explore a different way of putting dollars into your pocket I’d suggest you give us a look. Breakfast is on us!

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John Tully

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