Customized, e-commerce website launched for local small business

Nikki Laraja is a young, aspiring entrepreneur based in Montclair, New Jersey. When her plan to open a brick and mortar store selling eclectic, handmade gifts didn’t get off the ground she devoted her time and energy to creating an online store instead.

dsm-llc was fortunate to have been chosen to build Nikki’s website “The Coconut Room

Nikki describes The Coconut Room as a “daydream come to life!” I’m sure there were days when she felt it was more of a nightmare as we went through all the teething problems that new websites go through – but we’ve come out the other side (relatively!) unscathed.


The Coconut Room is a very consciously collated and categorized selection of handmade gifts and objects designed to brighten any home or life! Rather than searching the internet for that “right” gift – The Coconut Room saves you all the effort. Peruse the categories (such as Home Décor, Party and Beauty) and find the perfect gift amongst the handpicked items.

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